Opening Hours

  • Oct.5th-20th,free admission
  • Main Venue(Taisugar Civic Park)
    1. 13:00-21:00
  • Satellite Venues
    1. V.I.P Zone:13:00-21:00
    2. Pingtung Tobacco Factory:10:00-17:30
  • Design Hotspots
    1. Pingtung Art Museum:09:00-21:00 (Closed on Monday)
    2. Zhutian Xishi Dementia- Friendly Community:09:00-17:00
      1. Pintung Hakka Museum:09:00-17:00
      2. Zhutian Elderly Activity Center
        1F Happy fish community Long-Term Care institution:09:00-11:00,14:00-16:00
        2F Ecperience and Activity Room (Prevent and Defer Disabilities): 09:00-11:00
      3. Friendly Community By (Reservation Only): 09:00-11:00、14:00-16:00
      4. A Trip to Xishi Village, Zhutian:09:00-17:00 (Please sign up)
        Contact Public Health Bureau for Reservations


Rules and Regulations

  • To ensure quality of exhibition, please do not touch the exhibits, run inside the venue, and walk pass installations. If there is any damages, the person responsible shall compensate in full amount.
  • When bringing small-sized pets, such as dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits, fish and shrimps, to the exhibition, please carry the pets and keep them off the ground, or place them in a container, trolley, or bag, before entering the exhibition. Police dogs and guide dogs on duty, or training guide dogs accompanied by professional staff members (trainers), are not prohibited.