Main Venue

Taisugar Civic Park

Main Venue Space Design

  • Space Design
    Using supermarket shopping carts all Taiwanese people are familiar with as the main features that weave through the space. This marks the first time a major exhibition has a track set up in the space, allowing shopping carts to go all around the Expo. Also, the Expo creates double sensations of dynamic visual and environmental sound effects, jointly building the world’s largest design supermarket with six major areas.
  • CHU CHIH-KANG space design| Chu Chih-Kang


PiliWu Design| Pili Wu

  • Introduction of PINTUNG THING
    Pingtung Thing- inspired by the course of the sun, which rises from the east and sets in the west, signifying the daily schedules and routines of the attentive Pingtung farmers. From humble tradition to exquisite curation, this double-sided, progressive experience of integrating agriculture, land, and aesthetics adopts a design mindset to comb through the context and add value to the products, reconnecting design with local industry. The curation is a witness to the possibility of staging Pingtung as an index of Taiwan and constructs the “Pingtung Brand” as a quintessential Taiwanese asset that connects with the world.
  • Section of PINTUNG THING
    1. PINGTUNG-OLOGY-Super Products
      The agricultural products of Pingtung may seem humble, but in truth, contain unlimited potential and strength. From agricultural improvement and pesticide safety to product classification, export promotion, and introducing concepts such as organic and environmental—friendly cultivation methods, the agricultural products of Pingtung are facing all-round increase in value through the integration with biotechnology, brand planning, and participating in international competitions, re-shaping and re-defining the brand characteristics of “Pingtung.” This area showcases a selection of lemons, pineapples, bananas, coffee, cocoa, and red quinoa, six hidden gems and award-winning products. From a technological perspective, the display presents an opportunity to inspect the standard process that transforms the traditional products into super products. Examined in detail, viewers will gain a glimpse into the powerful forces behind the statistics, as well as how the traditional industry incorporates biotechnology to reach industrialization and manages to maintain authentic taste alongside world-class quality, transforming the southernmost land of Taiwan that used to be vulnerable due to its remote location.
    2. PINGTUNG PEOPLE-Super Locals
      Behind each delicious product are people who have worked with humble diligence. As a county known for its agriculture, the agricultural population in Pingtung is close to 400,000. The temperature in Pingtung seems to reflect the personality of its locals: sunny, warm, and inclusive. The people of Pingtung have strived to make a living alongside the magnificent mountains and seas, contributing to the sunlit land. Through the video, the people of Pingtung share their sentiment for the land, while the selection of everyday agricultural items perfectly and vividly represents the cultural spirit of the Pingtung People.
    3. PINGTUNG SELECT-Super Selections
      This area displays the southernmost and best futuristic select store in Pingtung. The refreshing white display space, brand-new design concept, and innovative packaging design inspire new thinking and proposals for the selection of quality local agricultural products. Through a new perspective of agricultural products, this selection reconstructs public understanding towards living aesthetics and cultural style, spotlighting the characteristics of Pingtung.
  • Curator:
    1. PiliWu Design


台中的精神 — 為生活而設計!

  • Introduction of PTINTUNG ENERGY
    Pingtung’s power creates boundless possibilities. People in Pingtung has emerged onto the international stage through their performances in sports.
    The area features mainly wire mesh material that allows visual penetrability and creates unique atmosphere of the venue, which is paired with neon lights to create visual tension for the main visual design. Using high and low platforms to connect the changing terrains of sports, the design not only symbolize the long journey through mountains and waters endured by athletes, but also conveys the difficult design and manufacturing processes of MIT products. Lastly, through creative life enterprises, unique culture is developed to showcase the unique lifestyle of southern Taiwan.
  • Section of PTINTUNG ENERGY
    1. [Visual Wall] Heavy visual attraction
      The kinetic energy and the ductility of force and beauty are expressed by light or elastic cloth.
    2. [Experience Zone] Geometry experience full of kinetic energy
      The geometrical rhythm of the rhythm is an experience corridor, which combines light to express energy, and the geometric lines rotate to express the dynamics, allowing the viewer to experience the full kinetic feeling when they pass through the corridor.
    3. [Image Area] Policy Supports Talent Change
      Play video wall and event video, let visitors know about Pingtung's sports strength and county magistrate Pan Meng'an actively promote the three-level five-zone talent cultivation system and support for sports events
  • Curator:
    1. CSD x UID Create Jimmy Chang


  • Introduction of PINTUNG UTOPIA
    Welcome to Pingtung Utopia! This is not just an epitome of Pingtung County’s continued promotion of “Happy and Friendly Community for Seniors,” but an imagination of wonderful utopia in the future! We curate the exhibition based on “Xishi Village in Zhutian Township” and Pingtung’s appeal of “living and working happily and safely, in our attempt to respond to the current needs and challenges of “inclusion of all ages, and friendly environment for dementia.” Through design, we redefine the sceneries and people commonly seen in everyday communities, considering all new possibilities of health promotion, youth & senior co-creation, and local long-term care.
  • Section of PINTUNG UTOPIA
    1. Village Chief An-An’s Office
      The first stop in Pingtung Utopia—Village Chief An-An’s Office—is not just the first line of civil services, but an indispensable care site of the community. Village Chief An-An knows everything about the village, and organizes various activities to bring villagers together. The Village Chief’s Office is also the visitor center for those visiting the village, as well as the most considerate information center for local residents to obtain information on happy and friendly community, long-term care and referral, and search and rental of assistive devices.
    2. Gossip Barbershop
      After busying with household chores, before going out to wedding receptions or community activities, the best place to visit is “Gossip Barbershop.” With friendly greetings by the owner lady, guests sit comfortably in the sofa and chat with one another. Not only do they get to measure body fat and blood pressure, they also unexpectedly learn the latest news on infant subsidy, and complete the registration for health examination held at community center next month. Forgot to take your blood pressure pills? The owner lady will refer you to the Village Chief’s Office for inquiry about Pingtung’s pioneering mobile pharmacist service. It turns out that the owner lady is also a volunteer of the community care and health education network, taking care of her own health, as well as her family’s health, while she makes herself and others look amazing. Oh yeah, visitors can also experience the automated hair washing machine that is suitable for all ages!
    3. TransformTailor Shop
      We often see tailor shops or qipao shops that are still open, but have few customers compared to their hey days. However, “TransformTailor Shop” in “Pingtung Utopia” remains popular and innovative, and its customers look forward to amazing transformations!
      In the shop, you can find innovated designs of traditional Hakka blue shirt and qipao; the shop also employs mid-aged, or senior, designers, tailors, and patternmakers, to cooperate with student designers, bringing satisfaction and energy through transformation of appearance, and giving rise to wonderful voices of the “Silver Glitters Band!” In addition to teaching the senior members of the band body movements, they also jointly choreograph the dance and make props, perfecting the silver glamour of the performance.
    4. Time Photo Studio
      Undeniably, we all love taking photos and checking-in at places we go! But nowadays, traditional photo studios are in the decline, and therefore, for the redesign, we want to return to the nature of photography: “preserving precious memories through pictures.” First, RehaBus takes senior citizens onto a tour in Pingtung, helping them to revisit their past memories and realize their dream of traveling; through Free Day Respite Service, we can take seniors with dementia or disabilities onto a tour where they can have fun, talk, and receive (assisted) therapy. The precious memories of the trip will be captured by “escort photographer,” which will be used as tools to train the senior citizens’ memory in the future.
      Furthermore, “Story +” is a way for senior citizens to organize their memories through different stages in life. Autobiographies and documentary films shared by the entire family are published, and old photographs are redeveloped or reprinted. Also, as an extension of the tailor shop, we modify “old treasures of closet,” giving old clothes new life while taking beautiful pictures. All these will be unique gifts given to senior citizens and their families.
    5. Ho-Jah Breakfast
      To survive is to eat, and the breakfast store of Pingtung Utopia is unlike anywhere else! After lunch, this place turns into the community “co-dining” space. In addition to barrier-free environment, this is the place that educates people on balanced nutrition and delicious taste of ingredients produced in Pingtung. In addition to spending time happily together, senior citizens can also enjoy great nutritious foods here as well.
      After the meal, Healing Desserts takes the stage, where participants use ingredients produced in Pingtung to make cookies, or chocolates. It turns out that all the steps in the activity are carefully designed as a way of “non-drug treatment of dementia.” The breakfast is the place senior citizens always go to mingle with young people, no wonder it is always so robust and vibrant.
    6. Super Fun Playground
      Super Fun Playground, which combines circular construction, and exercise habit-nurturing system, is the epitome of playgrounds for all generations promoted by Pingtung ; this is a joyous place for all the villagers of Pingtung Utopia. Ball pool made from “100% recycled fabric,” and equipment for stretching suitable for all age groups, this is a place for children to run wild, adults to exercise, and senior citizens to remain active.
      Do you know Pingtung’s three major “inclusive playgrounds?” For example, Heping Park is more than a fun place that promotes health, it is also jointly designed by children, teachers, and designers of Pingtung. Let’s imagine together the possible look of Pingtung’s fourth inclusive park in the future!
    7. Pingtung Utopia Academy
      Pingtung County is the first to include “long-term care service learning” in junior high school skills education curriculum, allowing the younger generation to understand the process and feeling of ageing, and promoting “youth & senior co-learning.” At Pingtung Utopia Academy, combined with class syllabus and learning materials, students are introduced to “senior suit” that helps them experience “ageing;” they tie weights to their feet and put on reading glasses to get a taste of the inconvenience of growing old. Also, there are a collection of books and videos teaching you how to deal with aged society, and a wide range of experiential activities held daily. Hurry and register for the class!
    8. Pingtung Safe Transportation Network
      For young people and senior citizens, they expect and need to have the freedom and ability of “safe mobility.” Latest and multifunctional transportation solutions can be found in the transportation network around “Pingtung Utopia.” Combining Pingtung’s unique “Smart Bus Stop” and “Pingtung D+ Card,” the transportation system ensures that all children and senior citizens can safely leave their houses and move around with peace of mind, facilitating participation in various local activities. Moreover, look for Pingtung’s signature “Green Family” traffic light, which has always been the best advertisement that invites people to come live and build family in Pingtung. Lastly, check out the bus stop at the exit, which provides directions and introduction to “Xishi Village, Zhutian Township.” That is a real-life version of Pingtung Utopia! It is the utopia where dreams come true, don’t you want to check it out? Remember to book a trip to Xishi Village with the organizer.
  • Curator:
    1. 5% Design Action| Kevin Yang



  • Introduction of PINTUNG ISSUE
    See & Experience from Pingtung !This area focuses on the tourism factories around the nation. The theme, “Made in Pingtung,” is inspired by Pingtung’s branding strategies. The story is told from the perspective of tourism factories and based on products unique to Pingtung. The area features three sections: Seeing Pingtung, From Pintung, and Experiencing Pingtung. We invite you to explore Made in Pingtung by visiting the exhibition, interacting with the exhibits, and exchanging experience.
  • Section of PINTUNG ISSUE
    1. Seeing Pintung
      Four Pintung tourism factories make up the backbone of this section, which follows the theme of Reshaping, showcasing Pintung’s iconic stores. The section is set on a show floor decorated as a supermarket, and the most iconic products from the four factories are designed and presented uniformly. The uniform look is meant to highlight the theme of this section. The overall space layout incorporates the map of Pintung, and the Chinese character for make (製) forms a large installation art piece. This piece reveals the theme of the section, leaves a lasting impression, and attracts visitors to take photos.
      In the corridor, there will be four giant props of the four displayed products. They act as a transition that leads visitors to the next section.
    2. From Pintung
      When visitors first enter this section, they will see six shelves on the floor. In the process of manufacturing a product, a tourism factory not only pays attention to manufacturing and packaging, but it also conducts rigorous ingredient selection. Therefore, to help visitors further understand the tourism factory industry, we collected ingredients that are frequently used to produce specialty products around Taiwan to showcase in this section. The six ingredients from Pintung are adzuki beans, cacao, tjulis, lemon, tuna, and pork.
    3. Experience Pintung
      Theme photo scene are joined together to create a joyful atmosphere, turning visitors into fans of tourism factories. This design is inspired by Mr. Candle from Gaoshu, Pintung. There is a fine line between chasing after dreams and running away from reality; that line is responsibility. As factories in the country gradually transition into something different, we want to help the general public understand that these facilities carry a heavy burden of social responsibilities. Through production-process optimization, factories make life more convenient and comfortable. Even the bulletin board that announces scheduled events has other special interactive functions. We welcome everyone to come and have fun with us, cheer for tourism factories, and encourage us by participating.
  • Curator:
    1. Industrial Technology Research Institute x Goten Design Shen Tsung-Yu


Urban Pulse: Capturing the rhythm of cities

  • Introduction of PINGTUNG YA
    We hope to offer you fresh perspectives on local Pingtung sites. Through storytelling, we aim to open up your imagination and expand your understanding of Pingtung beyond daily life. This is a travel exhibition without scenic sites; instead, we want to share with your stories about the sites and take you along this journey woven by stories and along Pingtung’s hydrological routes.
  • Section of PINGTUNG YA
    1. Entrance area
      There are seven entrance doors with figures that represent the seven different ethnic groups in Pingtung, including Paiwan Tribe, Lukai Tribe, Makatao Tribe, Hoklo, Hakka, Mainland Chinese, and the new immigrants.
    2. Pingtung Matters
      Scenic sites are mapped along the hydrological routes and categorized into sightseeing, experience, food tasting, or shopping. Exhibitions about the sites are showcased through different objects or photos.
    3. Corridors
      Illuminated with ultraviolet light, this area showcases evening activities or off-the-beaten-path sites in Pingtung.
    4. Printing Area
      Each site comes with a barcode for print out at POS scanner.
    5. Exit area
      The eighth door is set up here to represent the eighth ethnic group-the new settlers. No matter where you are from, you can walk away from this exhibition with brand new understanding about Pingtung.
  • Curator:
    1. JoinCultureTW |C.W. Yu


微笑MIT X創意生活

  • Introduction
    "The Gala Asia "is a lifestyle aesthetic design platform in Asia.
    In" The Gala Asia at Ping Tung," we provide local specialties such as designer products, agricultural goods, and lifestyle tools, as well as workshop and space for family to spend time together.
    A new market and retail channel, "Curating Matrix," has been created in The Gala Asia, where each of the design brand has its own booth curated according to the concept and style of the brand. This not only fully demonstrates the brand's characteristics, but also gives people a deeper understanding of the brand and its design philosophy.
  • Curator:
    1. Que Sera Sera |Grace Wang