Main Visual Introduction



Brand Theme Version

Designing the intials of the theme, Super South (SS), into the brand logo, where the large area connecting the two S's represents the eternal cycle of life, just like conveyor belt on industrial production line. The design symbolizes that, through the super conveyor belt of "Taiwan Design Expo," all the "super" features of Pingtung will be continuously exported and promoted to the world.


Popular Topics Version


Red and Joyous "Culturality"

Using folk toys, landscape postcards, and supermarket shopping carts, Pingtung's sacret mountain, Dawu Mountain, is transformed into a playground within a supermarket.


Yellow and Distinctive "Creativity"

Using Pingtung's most representative fruits and tuna fish to highlight the uniqueness of Pingtung's industries.


Blue and Stable "Vitality"

Enabling every senior citizen to be part of the society and community and live happily and safely is the ultimate objective of Pingtung's prided social welfare policy.