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Pingtung Art Museum, Zhutian Xishi Dementia- Friendly Community

"Connected Sea of Memories Exhibition – Island is land of Dreams", Lin Pang Soong's World of Art

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  • Introduction of Island is land of Dreams
    "Connected Sea of Memories Exhibition – Island of Dreams" is an international exhibit that puts Pan-Sung Lin on center stage with a series of artistic impressions of island residents in Taiwan (Pingtung Art Museum) and Japan (Setouchi City Art Museum). By connecting island to island, Lin's works express the intimate relationships that exists between Asia's cultures and art forms. They also reveal the humanistic perspective of an environmentalist offering his own interpretation of the beauty residing in the peace and common prosperity that connects person to person, family to family, and region to region.
  • Section of Island is land of Dreams
    "Connected Sea of Memories Exhibition – Island of Dreams" is organized into the Art Exhibition Area (Exhibition Room 101) and the Design Exhibition Area (Exhibition Room 102). The exhibition is a concentration of Pan-Sung Lin's latest creations, with Island of Dreams providing the central works of art and design. In one respect, the collection is an expression of the many charms of the island of Taiwan, but it is also a reflection of the commonalities that exists between the islands of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan and Donggang, Pingtung on the island where Lin was born – an source of inspiration that has persisted naturally in the past and continues to do so now. In the field of avant-garde and modern design, Lin has employed a refined visual language to create a series of images of the island of Taiwan, and promote Taiwanese design on the international stage.
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    1. Loftyart Gallery

A Trip to Xishi Village, Zhutian

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  • Introduction of A Trip to Xishi Village, Zhutian
    To shape Pingtung age-friendly culture, and facilitate participation from seniors in communities, Xishi Village is remodeled as a humanistic care dementia-friendly model community that adopts the Hakka values and spirit of perseverance, diligence, solidarity, and mutual assistance.