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Pingtung Tobacco Factory, V.I.P Zone

Our Pingtung Stories

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  • Introduction of Pingtung Stories
    From mountains to oceans, and from plains to peninsulas, Pingtung is diverse and full of warmth in natural, historical, ethnic, ceremonial, and industrial aspects. The satellite venue of the 2019 Taiwan Design Expo is located at the Pingtung Cultural Center in Shengli New Village. Under the theme “Our Pingtung Stories”, the exhibition collects moving stories in Pingtung and divides the venue into four sections, “Chant, Land, Wind, and People”. With the integration of sounds, images, and living objects, the exhibition presents the soul-soothing chanting of poems, the new and old symbols of Pingtung memories, and the charm of traditional ceremonies. It also looks to the future through the eyes of Pingtung children so that viewers can re-experience the spectacular stories of the south end of Taiwan.
  • Section of Pingtung Stories
    1. Chant—Chanting of Souls that Long for the South
      Five Pingtung representatives from the field of poetry and songs sing and read their life stories and feelings in Mandarin, Hakka, and indigenous languages, respectively; and invite you to their memories and to feel the beautiful scenes of the South depicted by warm and hearty voices with your ears.
    2. Land—Land Symbols from the Present to the Future
      Four tian-shaped (Chinese character for land) videos that symbolize the land play new and old symbols and scenes of different towns and groups. The uniquely Pingtung cultural elements are deconstructed and restored in the interactive projection screen. The videos are not only a passing down of legacies but also a tribute to the well-preserved traditions and the innovative new generations.
    3. Wind—Spectacular Dances of Local Customs
      Seed Dance Company, established in Yanpu Township, integrates ceremonial and local elements into contemporary bodily movements. The vibrancy of local ceremonies is transformed into elegant dance moves flowing on mechanical installation. Layers of twists are like waves of breezes, expanding endlessly in darkness.
    4. People—Listen to the Present and Look to the Future
      This clip of dynamic images integrates local images and hand-written calligraphy. The diverse natural ecology of the South and its rich produce are included in the clip. The arrangement of images connects the past, present, and future of Pingtung. Students of the calligraphy class in Pingtung Gongguan Elementary School wrote down their love and hope for Pingtung with playful strokes. In the lines of innocent writings, the beauty of Pingtung in the eyes of children and the future masters’ expectations for our country surface in front of us.
  • Curator:
    1. Joefang Studio |Joe Fang
    2. Dosomething
    3. Fab Craft Design Lab

Education Design Expo in Pingtung|tí jia o̍h

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  • Introduction of Education Design Expo in Pingtung
    The title of our very first Education Design Expo in Pingtung comes from Taiwanese, meaning ‘learn here’. The expo breaks the norms of a typical classroom by creating a venue with a story scenario where children can learn by doing with an open-minded attitude. Using the power of design, the expo offers local educational concept-oriented experiences by turning unique educational contents in Pingtung such as astronomy education, development of aboriginal curriculum, and marine education, to interactions for children. As Pingtung encourages children to learn from their culture and natural environment, the expo aims to guide children to ‘learn here’, that is, to build the connection with Pingtung and get to know more about themselves.
  • Section of Education Design Expo in Pingtung
    Take on the challenge! A trip to discover the secret of the wormhole!
    A mysterious wormhole appeared in the Pingtung Tobacco Factory! Through the wormhole, you can enter another time and space. There, the secret of the wormhole will be discovered. Is the wormhole related to the Space Monsters everywhere? Can everyone find their way home, with the help of Mountain Spirit, Turtle Elder, and Crux?

    1. Chapter 1 Space and Time Warps
      As soon as you take on the task from the Space-Time Keeper, an adventure is about to begin. Walk into a mysterious wormhole, and you are stunned by what you see. The voices of different planets resound through the universe, the secret to fight against Space Monsters and settle this space incident is being revealed.
    2. Chapter 2 The Land of Legends
      People here kindly share stories with their children. The precious memories of this land have been passed down to later generations for hundreds of years. Human’s ability to inherit cultures is what has been long coveted by Space Monsters. Bring your own story and memory. Let’s help Mountain Spirit to stop Space Monsters from devouring time and to eliminate the wormhole.
    3. Chapter 3 The Southern Sea Navigators
      Traveling in a vast ocean, you can’t see ahead. It takes a strong will and great courage to face the unknown and reach the destination. Gazing at the other side of the sea, Turtle Elder asks everyone to work together to find the way home, accomplishing the mission impossible.
    4. Chapter 4 A Letter from the Future
      With the important imprint, you travel through the wormhole and back to Pingtung. Before going home, you receive a letter from the future which records everything about this adventure.
  • Curator:
    1. ZA SHARE|Ozzie Su

1936 NEXT

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  • Introduction of 1936 NEXT
    The tobacco leaf stripping and moistening area is located in the center of the Pingtung Tobacco Factory. It can be described as the heart of the factory. The machines, including US-made stripping machine, Taiwan-made moistening machine, extracting machine, and packing machine, are still preserved in this building. There are also precautions and slogans reserved on the wall. Through this exhibition area, visitors can learn about the vanished industries and new opportunities which are related to this industrial sites.
  • Section of 1936 NEXT
    The Pingtung Tobacco Factory is a fantastic space where the invisible technological knowledge and visible hardware devices are combined together well for visitors. The exhibition will invite visitors to go back to the historical site of tobacco processing. This will be a historical tour with mystery starting from the administrative area , the processing area, the warehouses, the moistening room for insect control, the meeting place and ending with the legacy of the tobacco industry in Taiwan. The exhibition is expected to encourage visitors to rethink the meaning of tobacco industry and experience the sense of history.
  • Curator:
    1. Pingtung Citizen Association


Location : Pingtung Tobacco Factorygoogle-maps-icon.png

    Through the Taiwan Design Exhibition, the "Pingtung Tobacco Factory Zhongshan Hall" will be transformed into an international design exchange hall. Through different daily lives, cultures, religions, and characteristics across different nations, the idea of "Pingtung" will be elaborated by the invited young designers from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, to extend Pingtung’s design beyond the borders and concentrate Pingtung’s design within the island, broadening the international vision of design and presenting a different story of Pingtung.
    1. Marine culture
      Pingtung is located in the tropics, with the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Taiwan Strait to the west, the Bus Strait to the south, Gaoping River to the north, natural wonders and marine life (lagoons, coral reefs, green turtles, cherry shrimps, etc.). The popularity of sightseeing has led residents to pay more attention to the issue of marine environmental conservation and look forward to waking up the eternal belief in the land of fish and rice through the Taiwan Design Exhibition.
    2. Land identity
      Pingtung is dominated by the Han nationality, followed by the Hakkas and the indigenous peoples ( Paiwan and Rukai), showing the cultural integration of the multi-ethnic group. Pingtung in the spring of the four seasons, the agricultural population is large, the most productive rice, mango, lotus fog, etc., in this place where the folk customs are simple, the products are rich, and the national tolerance is strong, it can also inspire the creative creativity for the love of the land.
  • Curator:
    1. UID Create Jimmy Chang